October 10, 2013

When It Happened Book Review by Bree

The novel that I read was “When It Happens” written by Susane Colasanti. Overall, the book was great; it kept you interested and it was difficult to put the book down.
“When It Happens” was a teenage love story about Sara, a high school senior who was academically driven and had dreams of attending New York University the following year for college. At the beginning of her senior year she thought she had found Mr. Perfect, Dave was the cute popular guy in school that everyone wanted to be friends with. When Sara started dating Dave, people started to notice her and the popular kids wanted to hang out with her, Sara gained the popularity but lost her true friends. While Sarah was dating Dave she lost herself and found that in their relationship, it wasn't the relationship she wanted it to be anymore; Dave pressured her into sex and only cared about what his friends thought, she wasn't happy anymore and Sara was already interested in another guy, Tobey. Tobey was the complete opposite of Dave, he was kind and intelligent and Sara was falling for him. Sara was confused with what she should do so she decided to end things with Dave because when she was with Tobey, she felt sparks fly and she wanted something happen between them.
The novel was a good book, you really felt the emotion of Sara and how she felt throughout each situation. The only thing that I did not like about the book was how it ended. At the end of the book they graduate high school and describe how great college is going to be and how much fun it will be. I wish the author would've written on about how the summer went.
“When It Happens” was a good book and Colasanti.  is such a good author. The book was exciting and it was about a high school relationship that I hoped would turn out good for Sara. After reading this novel, I want to read many more by Colasanti.

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