About Us

The X-treme Readers are myself, Jen, and the students taking my X-treme Reading class at Badger High School in Lake Geneva, WI.  During the school year we may have as many as 25 students available for book reviews.  As the blog monitor all reviews and blog posts will have to go through me and I will post only the ones that are of high quality.  During the summer the majority of reviews and posts will be written by me.  

X-treme Reading is an innovative class where the focus is on reading for enjoyment.  Our goal is to promote YA books and authors through our blog, as well as the entire school community.  This will be done in a variety of ways including this blog, contests, reading challenges, visual displays, traveling book talks, and book trailers.

Any books we receive for review directly from authors or publishers will be given priority and promoted extensively throughout the entire school community.

X-treme Reading is not just a blog or a class.  It's a revolution!!!!!!