May 23, 2013

Flawless Book Review by Yessica

This book is name Flawless and the author is Lara Chapman, this is a fiction book written in 2011.  It’s a book I really enjoyed reading and would encourage others to take the time to read it as well.
A girl named Sarah Burke’s has a body image issue that really makes her self-esteem go down.  She tells everyone that she accepts herself just the way she is, but in this book we see how that small detail of her body really makes up her low self-esteem character.  A new cute boy arrives at her high school and Sarah finds they are perfect for each other, sharing the same like and dislikes.  The only thing that holds her back is that her best friend in the entire world likes that same exact guy.  Being the loyal friend that Sarah is, she has to let go of the idea of having this guy be hers and actually help her friend get into a relationship with a guys she thinks is perfect for her.  The question is... Will she let this small body defect affect her? Will she lose that loyalty towards her friend, in order to get with the guys of her dreams? I suppose you will have to read to find out.
I personally enjoyed this book and would be something I would recommend to anyone.  I believe there are many valuable lessons any reader can learn from this book.  It teaches the reader how important loyalty is, how to embrace our body, how to always speak with the truth and truly try to be happy.  I really liked how the author conveys that perfection isn’t the most important aspect of a person, especially when it comes to body image.  I would have liked if she had added a little more detail at the end , but besides that It was a book I enjoyed reading. 
For anyone who enjoys reading love story’s with conflicts, or anything having to deal with friendship or insecurities, I would highly recommend this book.  I would rate it a 4 star book because I liked it and I’m sure other people would to.  I’m not implying that everyone is going to love this book; many of you can take a meaning out of this book if you gave it a chance.

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