June 13, 2013

Alice in Zombieland Book Review by Ray

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter is about a girl named Alice and how her whole world changed after the accident. At first I thought this book was boring so I didn’t really want to read it or get into it but soon after the first chapter I started to get interested. The more I read this book the more I got into it and the more I enjoyed it.
In the book Alice and her family gets into an accident and all but Alice died. Alice life starts to change from where she lives, goes to school, and the people she hangs out with. She goes from this shy fragile girl to a courageous strong girl. She makes many enemies as long as many friends in the end. In the beginning Alice would have never guessed her life would end this way and now she won’t give up what her life has become.
Over all, this book was great; I love the secrets that go on between Alice and Cole. It keeps me on my toes and wanting me to keep reading to know what is going to happen. I didn’t like the very beginning it just really bored me when it was just Emma and Alice talking in the yard. This book doesn’t have too many hard words to read. I also like how the author put the italic words showing that Alice was talking to herself in her head, this made me feel like I knew what she was thinking all the time and that I knew everything about her.
          Alice in Zombieland overall was a great book about Alice and how her whole life gets turned around after the accident. I encourage everyone to read this book if you enjoy zombies and mysteries. This book just keeps you on your toes and gets you hooked the more you read it. I would have to give this book 5 stars.

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