May 2, 2013

Speak Book Review by Ashleigh


            The Book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is about a teenage girl who has problems with feeling liked and accepted, and even having a problem with even liking herself. In my opinion of Speak; I think it is a great book.
High School days are filled with cliques, and groups that live off of judgment and lies. Trying to be accepted and liked as much as the next person.  Melinda’s freshman year is already ruined and makes high school way much scarier than it already has to be. Melinda is a shy girl and doesn’t like to be exposed and not in control of her life. She finds ways to deal with herself hatred for who she is as a person as her emotions take complete control of her way of thinking.  Melinda’s only close friend left her, instead of helping become the beautiful kind girl that she is, she left Melinda to be destroyed and ashamed of what she has become. Through freshman year she tries to find herself and who she really is and how to speak out to someone that is willing to help.
I think Speak was a stunning book, because it’s Realistic Fiction; they are giving examples of how girls think in high school all the way from freshman to Senior. I think it’s a great book because it’s a book where a girl is insecure about herself image and I can relate to that. For example Melinda is a very timid shy girl that only has a few friends that she really trusts. Melinda is depressed and doesn’t except that she is thin and beautiful. Also Melinda feels like if she does the things she does because she is the one who get to decide whether or not to stop.  In my own opinion there is nothing that is dislikable about the book Speak.  
            The book speak is a great book and could be enjoyed by teens through adults.  I rated this a four out of five, this book is a book about how a girl tries to find herself and tries to come to terms with the past. When she figures out how to deal with the past she understands that her body and her face are not the problem she will open up and just maybe even make a new friend.

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