April 5, 2011

My Top 12 YA Books of the (School) Year!!

I tried to compile a list of the 10 best books that I have read since September, but that became a bit difficult.  I settled for 12, but might have to add more if I can remember everything I've read.  Luckily Goodreads.com helps me keep some type of record, or else I would be completely discombobulated!!  After the top three they are really in no special order since I loved them all.  Here's my list.  Hope it helps you find something fun to read!!

1. A Match Made in High School - Kristin Walker
2.  Swim the Fly - Don Calame
3. Numbers - Rachel Ward
4.  Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood - Aileen Cook
5.  Hate List - Jennifer Brown
6.  Whip It - Shauna Cross
7.  The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan
8.  The Morgue & Me - John C. Ford
9.  Messed Up - Janet Nichols Lynch
10.  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian - Sherman Alexie
11.  Get Well Soon - Julie Halpern
12.  Suicide Notes - Michael Thomas Ford

Not all of the books are current releases, but it is a pretty eclectic list.  I still have 2 months until school is out, so I definitely will be adding more.  Happy Reading and let me know what you think about any you have read or read in the future!!



  1. I've read numbers 1,2, and 4.What is Numbers? Should I read it?

  2. I loved it!! I can't describe the genre - fantasy and maybe sci-fiish. The main character, Jem, can see the dates that people will die when she looks into their eyes. Obviously, this causes her problems. Especially, when she is in line for the London Eye - a huge ferris wheel - and notices that everyone has the same numbers and it is for that day!! It was a great book and the sequel just came out, which is proving to be even better!!